Whit dae ye hink?

People Know How
Leith Primary School

A campaign to promote parental engagement in Edinburgh schools. ‘Whit dae ye hink?’ is Scots for ‘What do you think?’

After the campaign, findings are collated into ‘What do you think?’ illustrated booklets to communicate findings to schools.

This campaign led to a booklet entitled ‘What do you think?’. This booklet uses the information collected using my previous 'Whit dae ye hink?' leaflet and collates it, alongside research, into an informative and easily understood illustrated booklet. The booklet is designed to show the research in an easily understood and engaging way, using illustrations and comics.

The design originated from the initial parental engagement project at People Know How. We developed the name ‘Dae Ye Ken Yer Teenagers,’ beginning the trend in using Scots for titles to appeal to both Scottish parents as well as all parents - encouraging curiosity into why a leaflet might use bold Scots text and bright colours.

The leaflet was featured in The Speaker newsletter.