What is Nostalgia?


Exhibited in Edinburgh

Through migration we collect memories, stories and objects, making connections between them and forming the basis of nostalgia.

This work was exhibited in ECA, pushing the boundaries of a two-board show space. Upon these boards are mounted ‘boxes of nostalgia’ compiled from the stories of migrants. Each box contains an object that sparks their nostalgia, and an image and story behind each. Forming the backdrop is the tile design from my Maltese grandparents’ house, itself the backdrop to many of my childhood memories and nostalgia. The typography is derived from mosaics in Manhattan subways, where I spent my teenage years. All are visual elements I brought with me through migration.

“As we move and migrate through space and time, we collect stories and mementos, continually forming our identities through associations or recollections. These elements contribute to our nostalgia, something unique to everyone based on individual experience. These boxes contain the nostalgic objects and associated stories of people who have migrated here.