Welcome to Edinburgh

University of Edinburgh

This publication was created for incoming international students to the University of Edinburgh for the academic year 2019/2020. I was asked to review the guide to ensure the content did not repeat between this and the general student guide. Responding to this and feedback from a focus group I organised with a colleague, I redesigned the image style and layout, revised the structure and rewrote the content. Read the full publication.

The cover design is based on the University of Edinburgh’s ‘Drawn to Edinburgh’ campaign. I added a texture on top, to complete a style that I carry throughout the entire publication. This style is unique because it allows a combination of illustrations and photography, making it more readable and interesting for its audience.

I divided the content into Preparing to come to Edinburgh, Your first week in Edinburgh, and Settling into your life in Edinburgh. This division is reflected visually through full colour pages with an introduction and a link to the general student guide for further information. In this way the information is clear, the publication can be easily navigated and all potential questions can be answered in either this guide, or the general guide.