A smartphone app designed to solve the problem of how different people visualise pain in different ways.

When researching this topic I was looking for an alternative to the pain scales that are used by doctors, but could not find anything. This led me to think that there should not just be one way of communicating pain, that the solution to this problem is not simply a new scale. Instead, the solution will come from many different ways of describing pain – in this way, if different people communicate or understand in different ways, there can be alternatives to suit.

Due to the way we communicate and track our lives on phones, I chose to create a smartphone app through which sufferers can track their pain throughout their lives, building up a database that can then be accessed by a doctor when the sufferer makes a visit.

To create this app, I made lists of symbols, words and feelings that pain might be associated with, then tried to represent them visually. I sketched some possibilities for questions that might be asked. I came up with the name Verdolor, which combines the Spanish for ‘see’ and the Spanish for ‘pain’ to communicate the concept of an app that helps you visualise pain. I wanted the style of the app to be approachable and clear, using a clean style and consistent colour palette and typefaces.