Trains of thought


Trains of thought was an informative and interactive exhibition and series of Innovation Stations centred on charity People Know How, showcasing its methods, research, projects and social innovation to celebrate its five year anniversary.

I named, designed, organised, set-up and promoted the events and exhibition, creating an underlying visual identity, promotional materials and the exhibition design itself.

We showed People Know How’s ‘trains of thought’, dividing the space into four colour-coded sections reflecting their four-stage approach, and lead viewers through them by asking them to follow vinyl tracks in corresponding colours laid out on the floor.

Banners for Innovation Stations held in the exhibition space over the week. Conversations and information from these events have since been used to form new projects at People Know How.

The exhibition also featured a bonus event which was placed as an insert inside the main programme. The event was separate from the exhibition itself and therefore a different style was used, using an illustration depicting People Know How’s new office, encouraging people to visit them at their new location.