Edinburgh Global Visual Identity

University of Edinburgh

Visual identity, including illustrations, animations and publications, created for the rebrand of Edinburgh Global at the University of Edinburgh.

The illustrations and animations were featured on the Our Services page for the new website launch. View them here.

As the need for more imagery has grown, I have also created animated infographics, further illustrations and publications - for the website, social media campaigns, The Flag staff newsletter and internal communications.

I received the University of Edinburgh’s Contribution Award for my work.

Continuing this work, I was asked to create a series of animated gifs for The University of Edinburgh's One Day Without Us campaign. For sharing on the University's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and the Edinburgh Global website.

Each gif shows things that we wouldn't have during one day without the University's international staff, exemplifying how much the University values its international staff.

I was also asked to create a series of animated infographics for Edinburgh Global’s website to communicate the key messaging of the department within the University of Edinburgh. The full sets can be viewed on the page Our Global Profile and around the Edinburgh Global website.

Further work has included the Go Abroad Team Charter

As well as a China travel guide